Important Ordering Information

    Before requesting a quotation or placing an order, it is important to decide which assembly is most appropriate to the application.

    As you can see in the "Components" pages, there are a number of different formats and these are governed by factors such as the length of the cables, the materials into which the assemblies are being installed and if D.I.Y., the tools you have at your disposal.

    Whether we are quoting for you or filling an order, you need to measure fairly precisely (to the nearest 5mm is adequate), and decide whether the measurement is an inside or an outside measurement or a combination of the two.

    If rigid construction cable (1x19) is being used for assemblies then please be aware that cables should not be allowed to change direction more than 45 degrees in one run as the cable may kink. It is recommended that a new run of cables is started where angles are greater than 45 degrees.

    For your information, according to part 3.9.2 of the Building Code of Australia, concerning balustrades, the standard handrail height is a minimum 1m from floor level, where the deck surface is more than one metre from the ground level. Cable spacings must be no more than 80mm and post spacings no more than 1.3m (there are also tension and deflection rules that apply. Please ask us or your local council for more details) and the surface level of the deck must be 4m or less from ground level if horizontal members are to be used.

    On the next page is a check list to make the process simpler.

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